How Should The Lighting Industry Be Exerting Force?

- Mar 06, 2018-

The State attaches great importance to the development of IoT industry and has promulgated a series of related policies to promote industrial development. National Development and Reform Commission, the Industry and Information Technology Department, Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments issued a joint 10 projects, including top-level design, standards development, technology research and development, application promotion, industry support, business model, security, government support measures, legal and regulatory protection and personnel training, are readily available, It shows that in the current critical historical stage of China's economic transformation, the State has given the important historical mission of the Internet of things to stimulate economic growth. Ministry of Public product recently announced the "Telecommunications network numbering Plan (2017 edition)" (draft), which added the internet number of things. Industry insiders said that the current Internet of things has been implemented from the concept to reality. The condition of the large-scale development of IoT industry is rapidly forming, and the next 2-3 years will become the key period of the ecological development of the IoT industry.

With the gradual formation of the network of things, whether it is building, hotel and other professional intelligent lighting or residential intelligent lighting, a web-based intelligent lighting ecosystem has been formed and constantly iterative, optimization and development. To Intelligent lighting transformation has become the development trend of the lighting industry.

From last year, we have seen Philips, Osram, Schneider, GE Lighting, OP, NVC, Siu chi, Fei le, Huawei, Millet, Haier, Beijing-east and so on more and more well-known brands or their own start or cross-border joint layout intelligent lighting and intellectual city-related industrial chain.