How Do I Manage After The Lamp Is Installed?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Scope 1, this system is suitable for the township and village roads within the scope of street lamp equipment (including hosting street lamp), the power switch, knife, street lamp accessories (electric, clock, outdoor floor control box), and its scope of control of street lamp, street lamp straight down lead, such as cable running work. 2. The purpose of this system is to ensure the normal operation of street lighting equipment. Eliminate street lamp equipment accident, prolong the service life of street lamp equipment. 3. Relevant security matters in operation shall be carried out in accordance with the "electrical safety work regulations" of the ministry and the "safety management system" of the company. 1. The inspector shall, according to the scope of the division, regularly complete the tasks that should be repaired on a daily basis. 2. The blind lamps found in the tour should be recorded. 3. The patrol personnel should master the control mode of street lamps in the town, contact switch and type of light source, quantity and other equipment. 4. Due to the failure of the power supply system, the street lamps were blinded, burned or released during the day. I must inform my department in time, organize the strength to repair, and repair the day. Article 3. The maintenance work shall be divided into two categories: 1. Special and special patrol. (3), regular tour is based on years tour trim experience, combined with the equipment and light source such as a variety of factors, in order to ensure the road lights lamp rate, the period stipulated as follows: (1), township road, three times a week. The village road, 1 times a week. In the case of the following conditions, the patrol shall be regarded as one of the following conditions: There are abnormal natural conditions (such as hail, typhoon, rainstorm, etc.). The holidays (National Day, Spring Festival, etc.). 2, patrol time (1), regularly patrol trim, lights for winter and summer time difference is bigger, so the tour repair time is respectively: summer: on May 1 - September 30 Every Monday to Friday at 19:00 llp.m.est winter: October 1 - April 30 Every Monday to five 17:00 llp.m.est diction, special tour need to decide according to the work. 3. Any of the following situations shall be dealt with in the patrol; A blind lamp caused by any cause. Such as: Ⅰ, lamp life on and off or the end of tube high pressure out; Ⅱ, bulb light color serious abnormal; Ⅲ, the light bulb is damaged, only the wick; Ⅳ, loose downlead, fusing Ⅴ, triggers, such as ballast damage, etc. The lamp, the lamp, the light body is loose or the direction of illumination is not positive; The noise of the ballast is abnormal. In case of insufficient processing or insufficient supplies, repair shall be made during the next repair. Such as: the damage of the lamp holder and lamp holder; In addition, there are no lights, no lights, etc. 4. The information that should be set up in the management of patrol management: Information record of the equipment (indicating the system diagram of lamps and lanterns and various light sources, list of street lamps). The record of the patrol. The average brightness rate of street lamps is not less than 98%. Village street lamp lights the average rate of not less than 96% in the third chapter, the street lamp equipment inspection Article 4, 1, check the lighting lamps and lanterns lighting lamps and lanterns should meet the following requirements: (1), check the bulbs should be good, location should be appropriate, its capacity shall be consistent with list of records. The cover and lamp cover (including transparent cover and reflective cover) should be complete. There is no looseness, damage or lack of the lamp cover screw. The lamps and lanterns should be complete without leakage. The screw, cotter pin and foot screw should be good. Good paint, no rust, etc. The lamp should be in good condition and no looseness. The insulation of the lamp and the head is good, and the connection with the lamp head should be reliable. 2. Lamp holder and lamp check. The device should be complete, flat or vertical, without any defect or distortion. It is the case of the pipe, the pull-rod, the support plate, no serious rust or fracture. The specification should be suitable, the bolt nut should be complete without rust. The foot screws or other installation facilities shall be good. There is no rust, crack or fracture in the lamp. The number of the lamp is clear. There is no slack or damage in the following line. The insulation should be good. The connection between the bottom line and the lamp line should be good. There is no leakage in the connection box of the lamp pole. There is no damage to the threaded pipe of the pipe and the upper rod. The pipe line should be in good condition and there is no looseness and rust in the installation. 3. Check the cable line, check the ungreening planting trees, road repair and ground pile sinking and other abnormal conditions along the line. The cables shall be used to measure the insulation resistance of the 500 volt meter. When measuring, the cable connection box shall be unconnected and the cable insulation resistance shall be declined less than 0.5 megohm. It shall be in good condition, no garbage or water. There is no water in the base of the lamp holder and the connection box, and the fuse is good. The casing cover is not corroded and the screw should be complete. There is no fracture of the cable terminal and ballast in the base of the lamp pole, and no rust in the shell. The inspection of the wires and cables is usually five years. 4. Other inspection items, due to changes in demolition and road widening, should meet the actual needs. There are no concrete piles and construction for the construction of green trees, which affect the safe operation and lighting effect of the line and cable line. It is forbidden to decorate advertisements on street lighting equipment without permission. It is forbidden to pick up non-street lamp load on street lamp power supply. For every five years, the resistance is less than or equal to 10 (the grounding resistance of the high pole lamp is less than or equal to 4). Chapter iv, maintenance of street lamps article 5. The following important defects are found in the patrol. If the following important defects cannot be solved in the field, they should be reported to the leaders. Under the principle of ensuring safety, the organization forces shall deal with them quickly. 1. It is necessary to deal with the risks such as inverted bar, steel rod crack, relay line or equipment drop. 2. Due to the bad insulation of the wire, the danger of grounding, touching wire and electric shock should be dealt with immediately due to the abnormal distance between the earth and other lines or objects. 3. The lamp is seriously skewed, the lamp number is incomplete and the phenomenon of serious impact on the town capacity is seriously affected. 4. The grounding or zero failure has the risk of causing a shock to pedestrians or staff. 5. Nameplate, number, rod number, lamp number, etc., which affect the defects such as accident handling. 6. There is no ballast, no small door, wire exposed and so on. Article 6 measuring 1, street lamp, street lamp voltage voltage measurement should do well in the following content: (1), found that when check light because the voltage is not normal and make too dark or too light bulbs, etc., should be voltage measurements. If the voltage is less than 10%, or more than 5%, it must be reported to the section chief or professional engineer in time.