Four Situation Analysis Of Lamp Post Failure.

- May 06, 2018-

1. The cable head inside the lamppost breaks.

For this reason, many people are caused by human beings, and the end result is that the street lamps are not bright. For example, there is construction nearby, and the damage is done to the cable in the lamppost; There is also a very bad situation, that is, the lamppost cable is cut.

Ii. The fracture caused by the rust of lamp poles.

When the lamppost appears the rust mark, but has the crack, does not carry on the timely repair, will appear the fracture is in the sense. This kind of lamppost is more old style, in the previous production, just carried on the simple spray plastic processing, the number of years of use, it is easy to have a problem. And now the lamppost of manufacturer is used galvanization more, craft is more advanced, service life is longer.

3. Lamp posts are charged.

The leakage of lamp posts is a very dangerous thing, and there are many news reports about the harm. As for such faults, the reason is mainly caused by the aging of street lamps. In the daily maintenance, the relevant street lamp management departments are mainly responsible. The other reason is that the rectifier is punctured, causing the lamp to be charged. In case of leakage, you should respond to the relevant departments in time.

4. The lamppost is inclined.

This is generally not caused by the quality of lampposts. The main reason is that the bottom of the street lamp is used for fixed base plate. In the usual maintenance and installation to ensure that street lamp base plate deformation, ground cement base don't become loose, so as to ensure the safety of street lamp light pole not appear fall on the ground hazard situation.

If the street lamp light pole appear safe hidden trouble, first of all to tell what their own situation, don't be near regardless of the situation, and now the street lamp management more perfect, has a number on the street lamp light pole and a maintenance call, in the event of a failure, as the relevant departments reaction time to describe clearly as well.