Features Of LED Flat Lamp

- Jul 28, 2018-

LED flat panel lamp adopts liquid crystal backlight technology and high efficiency LED chip. It has high efficiency, low light decay and long life.

The surface is smooth and bright and uniform, soft and no glare.

The power efficiency is high. The start time is short and the frequency is not flicker.

Light weight, easy to install. It is environmentally friendly, safe and pollution-free. It is in accordance with the RoHs specification.

The performance is stable and the maintenance rate is low. Strong generality, easy to install and save space

The life of the LED panel lamp is longer than 30 thousand hours. Even frequent switching does not affect the life of the product.

Green environmental lighting products do not contain mercury, lead and other polluting elements.

The LED flat lamp has no ultraviolet ray and no infrared ray.

Using soft light technology to expand the LED flat lamp to the surface light source, eliminate glare, visual fatigue and sublimate visual effects.

The LED flat lamp has high color rendering index, strong color reduction, clear vision, and no distortion of objects. It is suitable for high-grade commercial lighting places.

No stroboscopic, pure DC operation eliminates the visual fatigue caused by strobe of traditional flat lamp.