Favorable Factors Affecting The Development Of LED Industry

- Mar 06, 2018-

(1) Strong support for national policies

LED Industry by virtue of its high-tech and energy-saving environmental characteristics, is China's key development of High-tech Industries, the State Council under the NDRC, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Housing and other departments of the policy support and the local government's numerous financial support, such as the 2011 Housing Ministry issued "Twelve-Five" Urban green , in 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other six ministries issued a joint "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industrial planning". The country's strong support to the industry to provide a better development opportunities and environment, the industry has a greater role in promoting the development.

(2) Enhanced awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, incandescent lamp ban program to accelerate the popularization of LED lighting

At present, the global resources are tense, the climate warms has already posed the formidable challenge to the human survival and the development. Traditional oil, natural gas, such as the reduction of renewable energy, vigorously develop new energy-saving industries, the development of Low-carbon economy, advocating low-carbon life is a general trend. In this form, combined with the national and public welfare organizations to promote the impact of the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection more strongly, LED lighting products will be more easily favored by consumers. At present, the world's major economies have introduced incandescent elimination plans. In China, the National Development and Reform Commission in 2011 issued the "China phase out of incandescent light" road map, the article proposed "from October 1, 2012 onwards, prohibit the import and sale of 100 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent lamps; October 1, 2014, the import and sales of 60 watts and above general lighting incandescent lamps; 2 016 years from October 1, the ban on the import and sales of 15 watts and more ordinary incandescent lamps, the current China's incandescent elimination plan is continuing to advance as planned. As the incandescent lamp gradually exits the market, the popularization of LED illumination will accelerate further.

(3) LED Application field is widely

With the progress of China's semiconductor lighting technology, LED applications are more and more wide, its application of hundreds of products, basically covers the instructions, signal and display, backlight lighting three categories. At present, the use of domestic LED lighting products In addition to home lighting, but also widely used in traffic lights, large LED screen, digital products backlight, architectural landscape decorative lighting, road tunnel lighting and other fields. In addition, new applications have emerged, such as aerospace, medical, agriculture and other fields.