Energy-saving Standard For Road Lighting

- Feb 27, 2018-

With the increasing pace of urban road construction in China, road lighting (explosion-proof lamps, LED street lamps, etc.) of the increasing electricity consumption, accounting for the total amount of domestic lighting consumption of the proportion of the year increased. In the world energy shortage today, how can road lighting to achieve energy saving, green environmental protection, is our urgent need to solve the problem.

The article will expound the road illumination energy saving method and the technical measure from 4 aspects.

1 Energy Saving Standard

1.1 Road lighting should be based on the level of the road, the type and the requirements and characteristics of the place to choose the lighting standard value, in ensuring that all levels of road in line with the corresponding lighting standards under the premise of considering energy saving, can not be energy-saving and disregard the reasonable lighting needs. The illumination standard value of road illumination should be determined according to the stipulation of "Cjj 45-2006 City Road Illumination design standard".

1.2 Road lighting should be lighting power density (LPD) as an energy-efficient lighting index, road lighting power density should be in line with the "CJJ 45-2006 Urban Road lighting design standards", the actual energy consumption at all levels of road lighting must not exceed the standard specified power density limit. When the design calculation illuminance is higher than the illuminance standard value, the illumination power density value must not increase correspondingly.