Does Blue Light In LED Light Hurt Eyes? These Health Threats Should Not Be Underestimated

- Jun 23, 2019-

When using the LED lamp, you can find that the switch emitted by the LED lamp is blue. If long-term use, or directly use the eyes to look at the LED lights at close range, it is vulnerable to the impact of blue light and cause harm to human eyes. Therefore, when using the LED lamp, we need to pay attention to the correct method. Also, don't always look directly at the LED lamp with your eyes, so as to reduce the damage to the eyes caused by blue light in the LED lamp.

LED lamp will have a certain impact on some people's eyes, such as common infants, diabetes patients and so on. These people's eyes are most vulnerable to blue light damage, if long-term close contact with the blue light of the LED lamp, the risk of retina damage is relatively high. Because the blue light emitted by the LED lamp has certain radiation, it will affect the retinal pigment epithelial cells.

Therefore, when using LED lighting, we should control the use time. In addition, don't look directly at the LED lamp with your eyes. When learning under the LED lamp, you should close your eyes once every other time. Only in this way can the eyes be adjusted to prevent the eyes from being affected by light.

How to effectively protect the eyes?

1. Proper eye exercises

In life, there are many unfavorable factors that can damage the eyes, lead to visual impairment, and even cause eye diseases. Therefore, reasonable measures are needed to protect the eyes and improve the resistance of the optic nerve. Generally speaking, eye exercises can be combined to promote local blood circulation and help the development of visual function.

2. Eat more food that nourishes the optic nerve

During the development of visual acuity, it is necessary to eat more food which can improve visual acuity. Only in this way can we protect our eyes and improve our eyesight. Therefore, we can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in carotene and vitamin A. These nutrients can nourish the optic nerve and improve the visual function.

It can be seen that the blue light in the LED lamp does harm to people's eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the rational use of LED lights, and to improve vision and protect eyes by doing eye exercises and eating more nutritious food for the optic nerve.