Do LED Street Lights Really Save Electricity?

- Jun 09, 2019-

For human eyes, under the same illumination, the brightness of LED street lamp is 2.5 times that of ordinary sodium lamp, corresponding to the same brightness, the illumination of LED street lamp is only 40% of that of sodium lamp; actual and theoretical calculations show that under the same illumination, LED street lamp can save 50-80% energy than sodium lamp (the level of each manufacturer is different);

And the uniformity of LED street lamp is much higher than that of sodium lamp and the color temperature is better than that of sodium lamp.

The development of LED street lamp is very fast. Now the laboratory has made 150W. The future is unlimited. Although the cost is high now, it is in line with the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction. It is worth promoting. It is just that the new technology has invested a lot and there are no very successful cases. So many places dare not rush to use LED street lamp.