Difference Of LED Lamp Chips, COB And SMD Of LED Street Lamp Manufacturers

- Jun 17, 2018-

With the rapid development of solid state lighting (SSL) technology, COB (chip-on-board) has increasingly become the focus. Because of low heat resistance, low heat resistance, low glare index and uniform brightness, COB light source is widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting projects, such as tube light, light bulb, tube lamp, street lamp and LED lamp.

As a LED street lamp manufacturer, this article aims to explain the advantages of COB packaging in five aspects of manufacturing effectiveness, low heat resistance, light quality, application and cost advantages in comparison with traditional LED packaging, so that COB packaging becomes the leading role of LED lighting for development.

1, manufacturing benefit

The production process of COB is the same as that of traditional SMD, such as solid crystals and conductors. However, for fluid distribution, the productivity of color separation and encapsulation is much higher than that of COB SMD. The total cost of labor cost and SMD material is about 15%, on the other hand, COB is only 10%, which means that if you use COB in the LED lamp, the cost of 5% can be saved.

2, low heat resistance

The way SMD dissipate heat is chip - solid glue - solder paste - copper foil - insulating layer - aluminum, and one for COB is short, just chip - solid glue - aluminum. This is why the heat resistance of the COB system is lower than that of SMD, which brings longer life for LED lighting.

3, light quality

The package of COB is integrated. It is a regional light source. Its advantage is that it has a large angle of view, easy to change, and can reduce the loss of refraction of light. However, SMD is encapsulated into a PCB board by several discrete units, causing glare and shadow.

4, application (for example, COB tube)

As shown in the picture, in order to make the COB light source, no component installation and reflow welding are needed, which means that the machine does not need the machine in the factory, so the cost will drop sharply and the production time will be shorter. Using 1.2m, 2000LM tube as a sample, needs 288pcs 3528 SMD, installation cost is about 0.01RMB / PC, the total assembly cost is 288pcs * 0.01RMB / PC = 1.2m tube for 2.88 yuan light, but using COB will save it!

5, cost

You can find the 1 and 4 points above, both of which show how COB can save money!