Construction Method Of Street Light

- Feb 27, 2018-

1, Insulation test: Use the remote telemetry line and the insulation resistance to the ground, check the cable is intact, there is no leakage, the test values should be in line with the standard requirements, telemetry completed, should be the core line to the ground discharge. The cable ends are sealed with a rubber blanket and coated with plastic tape.

2, street Lamp installation:

(1) The same position of the lamp installation height (from the light source to the ground), elevation, the direction of the lamp should be consistent.

(2) Luminaire installation longitudinal center line and light Arm longitudinal center line should be consistent, the horizontal horizontal level of lamps and lanterns should be parallel with the ground, fastening after the visual should not skew.

(3) The lamp holder is fixed securely, the adjustable lamp should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, the lamp wiring should conform to the stipulation

(4) All kinds of nut fastening, suitable to add gaskets and spring pads.

3, Electrical equipment installation:

(1) After the arrival of the material after the opening of the box inspection, testing qualified before the installation can be used.

(2) The center line between the movable contact and the static contact should be consistent, and the contact should be close.

(3) The switching contacts of the two-circuit auxiliary switch should be accurate and reliable in contact.

(4) Mechanical latching, electrical blocking action should be accurate and reliable.

(5) Grounding system must be solid and reliable and conform to the requirements of drawings and specifications.

4, testing, test pressure: The use of debugging equipment, instrumentation, instruments must be recognized by the State to measure qualified units of inspection qualified, and by the use of personnel, custody.

(1) Electrical circuit insulation test must be qualified, impedance matching appropriate, wiring correct, logo clear complete.

(2) Instrument should be responsive, accurate measurement, 0-digit correct, indicating accuracy, variation, record accuracy in line with the requirements of the specification.

(3) After the installation is completed to check, confirm the correct, you can do a partial debugging.

(4) After the completion of each sub-item debugging, can carry out system debugging, linkage debugging, trial run.