Comparison Of The Cost Of New Street Lamp And Ordinary Street Lamp.

- Mar 22, 2018-

Compared with ordinary street lamp cost is a new type of street lamp, energy saving analysis: 1, power saving contrast: in 250 a new type of metal halide lamp and 60 watts lamps compare (light 10 hours every night as example) (AC / 220 v) that power electricity current working hours Daily power consumption monthly electricity consumes electricity price every year annual electricity price of metal halide lamp of 250 w, 1136 ma 10 hours 2.5 watts 75 degrees 900 degrees 0.6 yuan / 900 new street lamp 60 w 0.6 watts 120 ma 10 hours 18 degrees 216 degrees, in accordance with the general road 30 0.6 0.6 yuan/watt street lamp calculation: metal halide lamp, each one a year consumes 900 x 30 light = 27000 degrees x $0.60 = 16200 yuan of new street lamp: each one year consumes 216 x 30 light = 6480 degrees x $0.60 = RMB 3888 Both comparison can be concluded that the new type of street lamp directly save electricity for a year 20520 KWH, directly to save electricity for 12312 yuan. Another LED circuit is multi-channel power supply, power supply, can be divided into multiple usually midnight on 6 PM, after the zero point can use half light, half closed, so in the case of not influence the lighting and about half of the power consumption can be saved and calculated like this: 30 street lamp consumption of electricity within 2800 yuan a year.