China Offers Solar LED Streetlights

- Sep 16, 2018-

The government has received 2,000 solar LED streetlights, a $9 million gift from the People's Republic of China. Ambassador gong ping was formally handed over at the general office yesterday, and as prime minister Gaston Browne said, the country continues to work to reduce its carbon footprint. Later this year, we hope to add another $15 million in alternative energy applications wind and solar, which will be funded by ARENA's initiative. I know the health secretary and the environment has signed up, and funding should be down later this year. "" antigua and barbuda are making a big push," "brown said, noting that the 33-year relationship with China continues to pay off for the country the Chinese people's government continues to be a partner of developing countries. Many lights were installed along Lauchland Benjamin Drive, which will then be installed around the main road. So far, China has offered 1,867 metal street lamps to antigua, and equity says the old ones will be upgraded to be energy efficient. China is making great efforts to develop an ecological environment featuring green growth. China is a world leader in energy conservation and emission reduction and in the use of new and renewable energy sources. Climate change is a hot topic in the world, have an effect on everyone, the world and bring the expected risk, antigua and barbuda is one of the most serious countries threatened, "GongPingShui, accompanied by the sun during the day light of a single cell. Gabinet members attended the delivery ceremony, including utilities minister Sir Robin wood, wood