Are Solar Lights Suitable For Remote Rural Areas?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Facing resource depletion and environmental degradation caused by the energy crisis, human beings have realized the severity, many countries begin to save energy and fundamental way to solve the problem of energy crisis and ultimate way is to find a new type of renewable clean energy. Based on the principle of "green, energy saving, practical, simple and mobile", solar signal lamp is developed. This system USES solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy driving the LED signal light pole and LED light USES high brightness LED as light source, four elements with light distribution system with independent patent technology, has the characteristics of energy conservation and high luminous intensity. This system can be used flexibly and can be placed in the stadium or on the construction road, which can be used to guide the traffic. Using STC advanced microcomputer processor, it has strong processing function; There is a special charging management system, which USES a large capacity battery to ensure continuous rain for 10 days or so.

Solar lights in the initial investment is large and the installation process must choose to have the sun location. Also need to organize regular staff according to the environmental situation clear the dirt on the solar panels, according to the battery quality situation need to replace the battery every four to five years, even in more than ten consecutive days snow weather need to prepare mobile battery, but the strength of solar light and convenience but also let us but be ignored:

1. The signal light LED and control transmission equipment are dc power supply, without electromagnetic interference, basically nothing more than normal damage.

2. Short construction period, low cost, no power loss and personnel electric shock.

More than 3, solar panels life in 20 years, the built-in battery can guarantee no sunlight weather for a week or more lights work, thoroughly get rid of the constraints the mains power supply wire, can be installed arbitrarily in the sun's shining on to the road. It is convenient to transfer and modify the signal lamp. Can be any and any other intelligent traffic management system wired or wireless network, can build various remote command center control platform.

4. The safe voltage of dc 12v to 36v can be used to set up simple dc power supply circuit or adopt wireless transmission mode, which can be conveniently used with other traffic management facilities.

Features of the solar energy signal:

1) appearance design: the signal lamp holder is equipped with 400 x 400mm red yellow-green three-color high brightness pixel tube luminescent lamp (arrow lamp) pixel tube diameter of 50mm.

2) light source: high brightness LED (LED) with imported chip four elements, with a life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours.

3) standard: conforming to the gb1487-2006 standard of the People's Republic of China.

Solar energy is a clean, efficient and unfailing new energy source. In practice, many departments use solar energy resources as an important part of national sustainable development strategy. The photovoltaic power generation system has the advantages of safety, reliability, no noise, no pollution, little restriction, low failure rate and simple maintenance. As the energy tension becomes more and more prominent and some special road junctions are more and more demanding for traffic signal control system. Through the above introduction, solar lights meet these, through our introduction, the hope can help to you, yangzhou Jin Ding lighting is manufacturer signal light pole, has a wealth of experience, if you want to learn more knowledge, to welcome you to visit our website.