All Regions Of The World Set Off LED Street Lamp Replacement Tide

- Mar 06, 2018-

With the rapid development of LED lighting and energy saving and emission reduction in the background, more and more cities will replace their street lamps into LED lighting products, street lamp elimination business opportunities began to take shape, the number of global street lamps are expected to reach 350 million in 2025. In recent years, which cities have opened led street lighting installation project? Xiao Ming takes everyone to take stock.132,000 lights in Montreal, Canada, will be transformed into led streetlights

It is reported that the Canadian Montreal government will be on its 132000 lights to replace the light source LED products to make a decision.

Montreal has plans to replace the current incandescent bulb with a cheaper, more energy-efficient LED lighting product (4000K). But the city's citizens are opposed to the health problems that may be caused by high color temperature. Many people like the light products of 3000K in Toronto and Chicago.