American Company Acuity Brands Cooperates With OLEDWorks To Develop OLED Lamps

- May 05, 2019-

Recently,American lighting company Acuity Brands announced plans to cooperate with OLEDWorks to expand its

OLED lighting portfolio.Acuity Brands will use OLEDWorks technology to develop a range of affordable and

innovative OLED luminaires for architectural lighting applications.

Because the OLED panel is very thin,it can produce soft diffuse illumination that looks smooth,soft and

comfortable.Its ultra-slim shape provides excellent visual quality and is ideal for indoor applications,helping to

enhance the viewing experience and the beauty of the space itself.

Rick Earlywine,senior vice president of lighting at Acuity Brands,said,“We have been working with OLEDWorks

and its OLED technology for many years and we have found it to be an excellent OLED technology on the market.

We are very excited about the cooperation.” “Over time,We are seeing the emergence of higher brightness OLED

panels and more form factor options,which will provide designers with interesting options to illuminate the building

space.This is an important step in opening up new avenues for OLED lighting."

Next month,Acuity Brands will showcase OLED lighting technology Olessence® Slim using OLEDWorks

technology at the LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show in Philadelphia.